Golf In Paradise Realty - Golf In Paradise, Ft Meyers, FL fraudulently kept our $750 security deposit

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On 10/22/2009, we sent Gold In Paradise Realty, Inc a $750 check for our seasonal Feb/Mar 2010 stay at Cedar Hammocks, 3685 Buttonwood Unit #1514, Naples, FL.We also stayed again in Feb/Mar 2011, cleaned the condo acceptable to the Owner's personal representative, paid the cleaning fee, and asked for our $750 security deposit in April 2011.

Art Suskevich, Owner and Manager, said his funds were frozen. In June 2011, he promised to notify us in the near future.

We have not heard from him despite leaving several voicemails.We expect our security deposit to be returned or we expect to find an attorney and fight for it in a small claims court.

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I've read many have not received their $750 deposit from Golf in Paradise, SW Florida realtor. If anyone has, pleas let me know and how it was


I am an owner in Country Creek and they have also put the screws to me.Not only do they have my emergency excrow funds but they failed to pay my local taxes and now the local assessor is threatening to put a lein on my property for non payment of taxes.

I was also told that there were funds that were stolen from the Suskevichs but as far as i know there have not been any arrests regarding this.I am not expecting my funds and will likely have to write it off as a loss.


Read your lease contract!Our lease had the provision that the Owner was equally liable for the security deposit.

After let the Owner know the liability the Owner had for its agent, they sent us our security deposit even though the Owner was also robbed of bigger money by Art Suskevich. This is a tactic that is common amongst the agents for leased property. He may have been embezzled. His wife says she lost her real estate license.

But I also "heard" the state reclaimed it tax fees. So, these former Bostonian fellow Yankees are most likely just living large on your money! I wrote the state of FL AG who in turn sent to Florida agencies to me, i.e., Business and Agriculture. They wrote to Suskevich.

Suskevich dared say I was "obstinate" also. He is a "sorry" individual and business pariah. He offered to split the $750 against my next two rentals. Suskevich does not know anything about ethics.

He answered his cell phone and said initially he was give his customers updates. He never did. Go to Consumers Reports. They have a list of websites where Golf In Paradise where you can file multiple complaints.

He probably never had a good reputation.So validate is poor reputation.


Art has $750 of our money as well and claims he was robbed so we won't get it back????

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